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Paramount Fit Foods

Jerky Mix and Sweet Heat Trail Mix

Jerky Trail Mix

Our selections of jerky with fruits and nuts as well as our sweet heat trail mix make a great high-energy snack or meal replacement. Both the jerky trail mix and sweet heat trail mix are a great source of protein and will help curb hunger all day. If you have an adventurous heart and love hiking, biking or anything in “The Great Outdoors” take us with you.

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Sweet Heat Trail Mix

Our Sweet Heat Trail Mix packs are built around our secret recipe of Spicy Sweet Heat. We offer a full range of spicy trail mix to accommodate your taste for the heat:

White Zero Sweet Trail Mix is for those who just want sweet trail mix.
Orange Burn Sweet Heat Trail Mix is the first level of heat for those wanting a spicy sweet heat trail mix.
Red Volcano Sweet Heat Trail Mix steps up the level on the heat for those looking for a very spicy sweet heat trail mix.
Dark Vengeance Sweet Heat Trail Mix is our extremely spicy sweet heat trail mix for those who like it hot.

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Elk Blueberry Jerky with Fruits and Nuts
Mango Buffalo Jerky Trail Mix with Fruits and Nuts

High Energy and Healthy

Our premium jerky and sweet heat trail mix are enriched with all nature’s goodness. We have the perfect blend of fruits and nuts to provide a healthy snack or meal replacement. Whether you are looking to stock up for an outdoor adventure or just looking for some snacks in the home or office these jerky / trail mix packs are convenient and nutritious.

Great Snack for Anytime

Whether camping or hiking the Appalachian Trail take our blend of jerky / trail mix with you. If refrigeration isn’t an option our sealed packs will keep your jerky fresh and dry. On the go snacking, good source of protein.

Made in the USA

At Paramount Fit Foods we process, package and ship from our hometown of Damascus, VA. USA where many people love to hike the famous Virginia Creeper Trail.

What people say about our Jerky and Paramount Fit Foods?

I love the tenderness of the Elk Blueberry jerky it’s my favorite. The mixture of the Elk, macadamia nuts with the blueberries is amazing.

Kierra Becker

Can’t get enough of the Angry Gator Jerky Trail Mix. Love it!

Tess Meadows

I tried the Buffalo Mange and it’s the BEST jerky I’ve ever had! I also LOVE the Angry Gator flavor too.

Ben Hill

This jerky / trail mix is so flavorful and moist. It is amazing! When I order next time, I’m going to try the Elk Blueberry.

Kayla Walls

The Elk Blueberry was delicious. Not to gamey and packed with flavor. You gotta try this one.

Derek Rowland

Absolutely fantastic. Would highly recommend.

Jordan Taylor

Very flavorful and moist. I like to get the variety pack. I will be ordering more in the future.

Ella Bradford

The absolute best Gator Jerky I have ever had!

Justin Reid

I ordered some as a gift for my co-worker, who is a jerky aficionado, he says it’s the best jerky he’s ever had.

Adam Miller

I’m a big fan of Buffalo jerky, and this is excellent, very moist and fresh.

Tom Johnson
Spicy Cajun Gator Jerky Trail Mix

Paramount Fit Foods – Take us with You.

If you have an adventurous heart and love hiking, biking or anything in “The Great Outdoors” take us with you.

High Protein Jerky Mix

Jerky Mix is a great snack or meal replacement. Low in fat and packed with protein it will help you recover faster, build muscle and curb your hunger throughout the day.

Jerky is a very nutrient dense food for its weight. Most of the nutrients in jerky are protein. Most types of meat jerky contain at least 10 grams of protein per ounce of jerky..

Sweet Heat Trail Mix

Our Sweet Heat trail mix is full of protein, fiber and vitamins. Typically nuts have zero trans fats (bad). The fat in nuts are mostly polyunsaturated and monounsaturated which means these are actually “good” fats for cholesterol health. Our Sweet Heat Trail Mix contains a unique blend of sweet heat, dry roasted peanuts, dry roasted almonds, and sweet dried cranberries. All of our products provide a healthy blend of proteins, carbs, and fats.

All products are subject to availability.  Please call the store to ensure products are in-stock.

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